Curtain Fabric – Linen,Silk Curtain Fabric Store in Guwahati

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Nowadays, curtains are more than decorative item, curtain fabric represents a person’s status that we make for our home decorations. Also curtains directly or indirectly adding the following features in your home as Privacy, Light blocking, Insulation, Noise reduction, Protecting furniture from UV rays, Blocking glare, etc.

At Rupohi The Decor Zone, a wide range of curtain fabric available, so you can choose what suits you better. Some type of fabric like hanging and wrapping curtain fabric, as well as texture, plain, printed, solid colors, etc. Check the following curtain clothing so you can decide which window treatments match your decorations and requirements.

Types of Curtain Fabric

Curtain Fabric - Linen,Silk Curtain Fabric Store in Guwahati

Curtain Fabrics

Polyester Curtain Fabric

Polyester is a normal fabric for curtain, it is durable, strong and affordable. Polyester curtains are easy to reduce wrinkles and to resist shrinking and spreading. Because polyester curtains are such low maintenance, they are perfect for the first-timer of the curtain. If you are going to your first home, then polyester is a great choice. Rupohi is the best curtain fabric store in Guwahati

Linen Curtain Fabrics

Linen makes curtains for this material for a more abrasive cloth that still offers a tailored look, a comfortable dining area, an airy bedroom, or a contemporary living room. Linen is well wrapped, and sheer fabrics do not block the sun, which allows natural light to be filled in your living space.

Linen curtains are usually only clean, and they should be immediately hung to avoiding wrinkles. With this type of curtain, fresh air will breathe in your house, and the linen curtains will be a picture-perfect addition to any room where your family is gathered.

Cotton Curtain Fabric

If you want to prevent sunlight in a bright bedroom or provide privacy in your living room, choose cotton curtains with tight knitting, or choose the option of a lined cotton panel. If you prefer to feel your room light, airy, then go for the perfect cotton curtain. Cotton curtains place gently filtered light at any place and are easy to care for, making them a great choice for your little ones’ rooms.

Silk Curtain Fabric

Silk curtains are heavier and look better than other curtains made of other materials, it provides a romantic look that is ideal for bedroom or formal dining room. Keep in mind that silk is only dry clean, which makes this type of curtain more time-consuming.

Velvet Curtain Fabric

Curtain Fabric Store in Guwahati

Curtain Fabric – Linen,Silk Curtain Fabric Store in Guwahati

Velvet is a heavy fabric that keeps the cold away, making the window the ideal insulator for Dirty windows. Velvet curtains provide additional privacy and help to block sounds and light.

Lace Curtain Fabric

The lace is a very sheer fabric, so curtains made from this material offer natural light to spread and offer an open, airy feel. Use a lace curtain to add a romantic touch to your traditional style-style dining room or to lock it on the French doors to provide any privacy, without completely blocking your source of external sunlight.

Blackout Curtain Fabric

As it stands in their name, blackout curtains are ideal for blocking sunlight. If you want to sleep in the day, then they are perfect for children’s bedroom. Blackout curtains are made of opaque fabric supported by foam, which prevents light from entering your room. Just like some thermal curtains, thick black cloth fabric will also increase the privacy of your home.

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